Some links to help you delve further into the wonderful world of seabirds, including more about Maltese seabirds, other interesting seabird research projects, and general seabird information.

Life+ Malta Seabird Project on Facebook

Life+ Malta Seabird Project on the BirdLife Malta website

Life Yelkouan Shearwater Project BirdLife Malta’s previous Life project focusing on the Yelkouan Shearwater

LIFE Migrate Project Another Maltese Life project , which aims to assess the status of the Loggerhead Turtle and Bottlenose Dolphin in Maltese waters

Diomedea Malta A site all about Maltese seabirds

Life+ Pelagic Birds  An EU Life project studying Cory’s Shearwaters on the Mediterranean island of Linosa

Life Corvo: a safe island for seabirds Blog for the now completed Life project for Cory’s Shearwaters on Corvo, in the Azores

Yelkouan Shearwater Turkey Blog for Yelkouan Shearwater project in Turkey Interesting website about seabirds: projects, jobs, conferences and more

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