Day 1 – Seabirds of Malta. Identifying Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) and their future protection

Session 1

Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas, Ben Lascelles, BirdLife International

Session 2

Seabirds in Malta – History & Discovery, Joe Sultana

Land IBA designations and LIFE Yelkouan Shearwater project, John J. Borg

LIFE+ Malta Seabird Project, Nicholas Barbara, Birdlife Malta

Proposed Marine IBAs, Benjamin Metzger, Birdlife Malta

Marine Protected Areas in Malta, Darrin Stevens, Malta Environment and Planning Authority

Session 3

Fieldwork Methodology Used & Respective Results, Benjamin Metzger, Birdlife Malta

Data Analysis to Identify Potential MPAs, Steffen Oppel, RSPB

Marine IBAs, Marguerite Tarzia, BirdLife International

Session 4

mIBAs in International Waters, Benjamin Metzger, Birdlife Malta


Day 2 – Existing frameworks & initiatives for seabird conservation & current gaps

Session 1

Global Commitments of Relevance to Seabirds & MPAs, Carolina Hazin, BirdLife International

Overview of Barcelona Convention, Seabird Conservation & SPAMIs, Lobna Ben Nakhla, RAC/SPA

Building MPA Networks in European Seas, Vedran Nikolic, European Commission

Session 2

MPAs & Seabird Conservation in Spain, Pep Arcos, SEO

Italian Marine IBAs, Georgia Gaibani, LIPU

Which Seabirds Sites are Priorities for protection, Thierry Micol, LPO

Marine Natura 2000 in Slovenia, Ursa Koce, DOPPS

Croatia Natura Network, Sven Kapelj, BIOM

The Black Sea Seabirds Project, Anna Staneva, BSPB

MIBAs in Greece, Danae Portolou, HOS

Seabird Research & Extent of Protection, Imad Cherkaoui, GREPOM, & Hamid Idrissi, University Chouaib Doukkali

Seabirds & MIBAs in Tunisia, Claudia Feltrup-Azafzaf, AAO

Seabirds in Lebanon, Ghassan Ramadan Jaradi, SPNL

Seabird Status & Priorities for Libya, Abdulmaula Hamza, University of Malaysia

Seabirds in Syria, Nabegh Ghaszal Asswad, SSCW

Seabird Bycatch in Spain, Albert Cama, SEO

Bycatch Evaluation in Greece, Karris, Portolou & Frick

Invasive Species in Italy, Francesca Giannini, Tuscan Archipelago National Park

Coastal Development in Greece, Danae Portolou, HOS

Light Pollution in Malta, Paulo Lago Barreiro, Birdlife Malta

Session 3

Species Priorities, Maria Dias & Marguerite Tarzia, BirdLife International

Yelkouan Shearwater, Thierry Micol, LPO

Session 4

SPAs and pSCIs in Croatia, Vlatka Dumbovic Mazal, Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature

French Island Priorities, Mathieu Thevenet, Conservatoire du Littoral

French Marine Hotspots, Boris Daniel, French MPA Agency

Italian mPAs, Nicola Baccetti, ISPRA

Seabird Status & Priorities for Libya, Abdulmaula Hamza, University of Malaysia


Day 3 – Protection of marine IBAs in the Mediterranean, case studies and lessons learnt

Session 1

Maltese Seabirds’ Use of High Sea Areas & International Waters, Benjamin Metzger, Birdlife Malta

Spanish Seabirds Feeding off the Coast of Morocco – Potential for Collaboration, Pep Arcos, SEO

Yelkouan Shearwaters Visiting the Waters of Bulgaria, Romania & Turkey, Anna Staneva, BSPB

Seabirds Sharing Sites between France & Italy, Thierry Micol, LPO

Transboundary IBAs – Slovenia & Italy, Ursa Koce, DOPPS

Session 3

Promotion of Establishing SPAMIs in Open Seas, Daniel Cebrian, RAC/SPA

Protecting Seabirds in the Mediterranean – Pelagos, Fannie Dubois, Pelagos Sanctuary

Georeferenced Compilation on Important Bird Areas in Open Seas, Susana Requena-Moreno, Consultant for RAC/SPA